WiFI, Network Cabling, Internet connected devices, Smart Home, and other services

JWG Consulting has the benefit of experience gained from over 20 years in the corporate world project managing and designing commercial grade WiFi systems, network component installation, network cabling, video solutions, network security solutions and data centers/server rooms.  

Are you dissatisfied with your home/business wireless coverage?  Do you need network connectivity in a remote location on your property?  Are you concerned about security on your property or on your home/business network?  

We can provide assistance and installation services for the following:

  • WiFi access design/install, meshed or single access points

  • Existing WiFi coverage enhancement

  • Guest WiFi implementation

  • Network Security zone implementation

  • Network cable runs

  • Remote WiFi to other buildings on your property

  • Installation of wireless or wired cameras

  • Routers, Firewalls and Network Switch installation

  • Assistance with TV streaming/"cutting the cord"

  • Home Automation/Smart devices

  • Setup of camera/surveillance software

  • Storage solutions for cameras/surveillance 

  • Internet security checkups

Please contact us for quotes on these services.  Quotes requiring an onsite visit for the above services are free in the Cherokee/Pickens County GA and surrounding areas. 

Our services are available by appointment. 
Please Call (470) 390-5265 or email us at jwgconsulting@gbwnet.com

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