SmartPhone Repair, Laptop Repair, Battery Maintenance, and more!

Do you have a cracked screen on your smartphone?  Does your  battery die before lunch?  Do you have hardware problems on your laptop?  Do you want your laptop to perform faster?  We can help you.  

You might be surprised how reasonable the cost is to repair your device rather than pay the deductible (often at least $100) on your phone's insurance plan and then be forced to wait to receive a refurbished replacement.  Repairing your existing device is quicker, less costly in many cases, and more convenient.

We service Apple products, Android phones, iPads, Macs, and PC laptops.  

Services include:

Screen replacements

Battery replacements

Smartphone components, cameras, buttons, microphones

SSD Hard Drive upgrades

Memory installation

And More, just ask!

Multiple repair services on a single device can be combined for a further discount.  Please call for details.

Base Pricing for common iPhone repairs (Some colors and options on your phone will change the price, please contact us for a quote):

iPhone 5 series

  • Screen:  $60

  • Battery: $45

iPhone 6 and 6s

  • Screen:  $65

  • Battery: $45

iPhone 6 and 6s Plus

  • Screen:  $70

  • Battery: $50

iPhone 7

  • Screen:  $70

  • Battery: $50

iPhone 7 Plus

  • Screen:  $80

  • Battery: $50

iPhone 8

  • Screen:  $85

  • Battery: $50

iPhone 8 Plus

  • Screen:  $90

  • Battery: $50

iPhone X

  • Screen:  $220

  • Battery: $70

For pricing on repairs to other devices not listed, please contact us.

Our services are available by appointment. 
Please Call (470) 390-5265 or email us at

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