**Minimum charge for a home/office visit for device repairs is $35.  Service area limited to Pickens and Cherokee Counties in Georgia USA.  Travel to neighboring counties will incur extra charges for mileage**  

To avoid trip charges, devices can be brought to our location for repair.

Multiple repairs on the same device at the same location will only incur one trip charge.

Reliable and secure WiFi, surveillance, network security is vital to the modern home and business.  If you have multiple buildings on your property or business or own valuable livestock that need to be monitored, we know your challenges.  

We offer the following services.  If you are looking for a related service that is not listed, just ask.  We can provide multiple networking and IT related services:


WiFi access design/install, meshed or single access points.

Existing WiFi coverage enhancement.

Guest WiFi implementation.

Network Security zones implementation.

Network cable runs.

Remote WiFi to other buildings on your property.

Installation of wireless or wired cameras.

Routers and Network Switch installation.

Assistance with TV streaming/"cutting the cord".

Smart devices.

Setup of camera/surveillance software.

Storage solutions for cameras/surveillance.

Setup of routers, switches and firewalls.

Internet security checkups.

We also provide repair services for Apple and Android smartphones, iPads tablets and Mac/PC laptops:


Screen replacements.

Battery replacements.

Smartphone components, cameras, buttons, microphones.

SSD Hard Drive upgrades.

Memory installation.

Our services are available by appointment. 
Please Call (470) 390-5265 or email us at jwgconsulting@gbwnet.com

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