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We offer WiFi Network Design and Installation services,  Camera Surveillance systems, Home and Business Structured Cabling, Network Security, Network Configuration, Smart Home device Installations and more.  We offer a fair price and customer service is our top priority!   We service the Cherokee and Pickens County Georgia area as well as surrounding areas.  We are a local business and can personally serve your needs.

Do you need Wifi in remote areas of your property?  We can maximize and extend your WiFi coverage even to separate buildings or barns.
Pro Grade Home/Small Business Switch and Router installation including PoE, network zoning and security best practices.

Located in Canton. Georgia

Services Available by Appointment.


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Structured Cabling, patch panels, cable installation, home media organization.
Is your Wifi spotty and underperforming?  We can design and install affordable and professional grade meshed WiFi Access points for your home, farm or business.   
 We provide Smart Devices, IoT, SmartHub component installation.  Need help navigating the enormous universe of Smart Home products?  We can help.
JWG can provide Internet based camera and surveillance equipment design and installation. If you need one camera or multiple cameras, we can help.
Our services are available by appointment. 
Please Call (470) 390-5265 or email us at jwgconsulting@gbwnet.com

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